May 5, 2012

A must read for healthy and happy relationships.....

Continuing my reading goals for the year brought me to this wonderful book.  For years I have listened to Dave Ramsey on the radio.  Many times one of his callers would tell of their financial problems which lead to a story about relationship problems.  Dave Ramsey would get all fired up telling them they needed to set good boundaries in their life first and fix the money problems next.  He always talked about this book and highly recommended it.  I began reading it two weeks ago and quickly found I was highlighting nearly all of what I was reading.  What is taught isn't rocket-science, but simply common sense based on biblical principles.  I found myself feeling pretty good because it seems to be things I've learned naturally throughout my life.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve and keep good relationships.

May 1, 2012

Our great California adventure.....

I'm born and raised in the Mid-west.  The only coasts you find there are along a lake and if there is sand it is "imported."  Somewhere inside me is a Californian....I love the beach, the ocean, the sound of the waves...I couldn't wait to take off my shoes and walk in the water. 

 Per the instructions of my sister-in-law, Jan, I am not allowed to post her picture on my blog, but Ron, her husband did not mention here is Ron on a bike.  We spent a Saturday on bicycles riding up and down the coast.  I felt like I was a teenager...wind in my hair,!!
 Along the coast we stopped to eat our picnic lunch while we watched the water and guessed at the prices of homes in this neighborhood. 
Much to our surprise we were sitting right next to
 an 8 million-dollar home.. 
Yes, this is southern California!

 Good thing we weren't strong enough to push it off!
 At Balboa Park. 
 The lighthouse at Point Loma.
 The staircase coming down from the top of the lighthouse.  Kenneth took a great picture.
 I managed to have a tiny boat on the tip of my fingers!
 The San Diego Bay.

 Our home for the week...a condo in La Jolla.
 Living it up in Old Town San Diego...colorful to say the least.
 What happens when you are 6'4"?...some doorways are just too low.  Duck!!!

 Making friends with the "locals."

 Amazing plants....huge and unusual.
 One of our favorite temples...the San Diego Temple.

We hated to come home after such a great time of relaxing and sightseeing.

San Diego through the lens of my camera.......

From Balboa Park's incredible and timeless architecture, to the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center, the Pacific Coast at La Jolla, San Diego's Old Town and finally the majestic San Diego Temple, these are among my best photos of our vacation.  I welcome comments and suggestions as I would like to improve my skills with the camera and develop a new hobby.  So...comment all you want!