Sep 3, 2008

The RNC was rockin.....

Tonight was amazing and inspiring....
This needs to be the winning ticket in November
and we all need to do our part to make sure it happens!
God bless America!!!
Please join me in voting for them.

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Anonymous said...

I am!
I was ho-hum but voting McCain before Palin joined the team. Now I'm EXCITED to vote for them both!!

Barack Obama voted to kill babies who survive abortions. A Chicago hospital was letting these infants die with no care. He was one of the FEW Senators who backed this action.

There is no way I'm ready for that level of disregard for human life to be living in the White House.

I can't comprehend how anyone with a shred of humanity left in their being could vote to let living, viable, real human babies just die. Sickening.

I seriously hope we are not that ripened in iniquity yet - and that the McCain/Palin team can kick corruption OUT of Washington.